The First Fear Friday!

I promised I would stream  a scary game tonight. So I did... I am either the person most suited to play these games or the least one depending on if suited means ability to get scared or not... lol. Anyways!

Outlast might not have been the best game to start. I have been told. I will try this again with the following conditions:

  • A less scary game
  • It's daytime, the lights are turned on and the windows are open
  • My wife is also with me & I am not wearing my headphones

Other conditions might be added later...

One more thing! please do let me know what you think of the jump scares via twitter @helloludarx

Jump Scare # 1

Jump Scare # 2

UPDATE: I actually had Steam give me a refund since I played less than 2 hours of the game before (it felt like more lol...)

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