The Twitch affiliate goal and beyond

THE BEST! are the TWO WORDS that I can use to describe how fucking amazing you all are. From the heart, a tip of the hat to you. Thank you for watching my twitch stream, thank you for adding me to your follow list, thank you for being a part of this.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. -JFK

And so I commit to continue to grow as an entertainer, to learn from the best and to play the games (and generate the content) that we all enjoy.

It's true that we all carry some kind of weight on our backs. I believe that a little bit of laugh and a little bit of community goes a long way. I started this channel for all of us, including myself. Let's create a healthy and respectful community were people can share clips, memes and gaming moments and take a break from the day-to-day. It is kind of ambitious but also kind of simple. It is this channel's core vision. 

We have 11 days left on December to hit the 50 follower goal. 50 is a significant number because only then can I apply for affiliate. Reaching out to people is a personal goal of mine, the whole thing started before streaming became a thing.

Somewhere between "Leroy Jenkins" and "Angry German Kid". Back then I thought to myself "huehuehuehahposkpoasko lol potato *snort*". -Self

And doggone it! I like being stupid, I love being ridiculous, and I love making people laugh. If I can make you have that same reaction I had then I f#k!ng won at life.

Clips - Dec 2017 Edition

My viewer buddy OsirisGeb entertaining my viewers while I was afk <3

Miscreation had been farming for 3 hours. I got the item in 3 kills.

CalibarZero, my dude you were the man of the night xD that was hilarious

Playing HoTS with SirShawnConnery & Thrall the dragonborn

About the author

I don't remember much of my time before the Christmas of 1996 when I got the N64 -other than grabbing the chainsaw in the back of the spawn point in the first DOOM- .

I do remember that fated day I yelled out and loud "OH MY GOD IT REALLY IS 3D!!!" while playing Mario 64 for the first time. At this point my life changed completely and I became absorbed in the beautiful worlds and stories unfolding in front of my eyes.