About streaming chapter I

Yesterday was my first attempt at streaming. It was fun yet there is much to learn. 

An amateur practices until he can do a thing right, a professional until he can’t do it wrong. - Percy Buck 1944

I believe the first challenge I faced is the setup. I am currently using XSPLIT. XSPLIT is an amazing piece of software. I have tried to stream many times but I always ended having weird results with OBS. XSPLIT was very simple to setup. Neither software comes with a "wizard" installer that allows you to go over the setup and settings. The challenge with this was that although I was able to figure out how to start streaming to my Twitch channel I was unable to play and stream at the same time. The moment I started streaming my ping went from 60 ms to 400 then 1000+. The resolution was beautiful, perfect and FROZEN... lol 

After some tweaking I found a way to limit the bandwidth used by XSPLIT and brought it down to 300 KB/s which effectually corrected my ping issues. I was quite happy with the performance until I saw the resolution of the streaming. I was streaming in a muddy/watercolor format... Not good!

The good news are I finally streamed! This is super cool for me. I was never able to figure it out with OBS and I am so happy with XSPLIT that I will probably be upgrading their paid version.

I also found my microphone and my webcam so tonight I will be adding/testing that along with the stream. Knowing my ISP is COX it will all go terribly wrong. My internet feels like I am connected from a third world country and I would know, I was born in one.

Until tonight!

- Ludarx

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I don't remember much of my time before the Christmas of 1996 when I got the N64 -other than grabbing the chainsaw in the back of the spawn point in the first DOOM- .

I do remember that fated day I yelled out and loud "OH MY GOD IT REALLY IS 3D!!!" while playing Mario 64 for the first time. At this point my life changed completely and I became absorbed in the beautiful worlds and stories unfolding in front of my eyes.