My Friend Pedro | An a-peeling review #dadjokes

The intro and promise (marketing)

My friend Pedro is a whimsical side-scroller shooter. The core premise is you wake up from being knocked out and then follow every instruction from a floating, talking, frozen-blooded banana (badpun #1). How did you get knocked out in the first place? No one will ever know.

The marketing efforts came out at a great time. It all happened around the time Deadpool 2 was being promoted in the theaters. Whether intentional or not you can easily tell the game was at least influenced by the man in the red suit. So Kudos to Devolver Digital for doing their job right. There's people out there going as far as calling it budget Deadpool -maybe that was only me-. My friend Pedro is an impressive delivery from a 1-man team called Victor.

The promise when announced in 2018 was a fun ballet of bullets, blood and slow motion (focus mode), combined with window breaches and action-packed stunts.

But what it is exactly?

This is where things get spotty (badpun #2). The game itself would have worked better as a dynamic graphical novel. The game mechanics are fun but feel tediously repeated. It's fun when you get to kick something at people and kill them. Using the ricochet mechanics is fun. Using the throw an explosive and shoot at it to blow people off is fun. Dodging bullets is fun. Aiming at two different targets at the same time and shooting at them while dodging sounds like fun (I can't manage to do this on the Switch controller to save my life... hence why I die). But is that it? Honestly the best part of the game are the lines from Pedro and his caricature-face at the level score/review.

So... should I get it?

If you enjoy side-scrolling/shooting games like Contra, Metal Slug or Megaman X go for it. But don't expect it to be challenging like those 3. The dodge mechanic is simply broken. I am not skilled at MFP at all but the immortality frame with zero cooldown takes away the OHSHIT experience (at least it doesn't feel like there is a cooldown). To "fix" that you could limit your use of the dodge mechanic. Give yourself a challenge run where you aren't allowed to use it or limit yourself and only use it once per encounter.

It is not a BAD game. It is not a game that didn't deliver the promises it made. In fact it is exactly the game that was announced to be. It is just not a game that stands out of the bunch (badpun #3). Maybe I was just not intoxicated enough to see all the colors or maybe I needed more buddies sitting on my couch.


The game, ironically, is like a split with a lot of toppings but not enough bananas.

Press L to win

Ludarx "Playing on the Nintendo Switch" Immediately forgets to press L and gets killed.
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