Hi Everyone!

I finally got proper emojis made and they were so cute I kinda went overboard and decided that I wanted to put them everywhere. So after doing some research and testing a few stores I decided that Zazzle was the best place to go for everything that you don’t wear (stamps, stickers, notebooks, etc). RedBubble is the second provider and will only be so the shirts and mugs. All the links in here should take you to that either of those two websites. I set a 5% royalty on both stores. The money from this will go towards improving the stream, purchase of games, strengthening my online presence and of course for my own life expenses (like bits, donations and subscriptions do). If you have any feedback definitely the best place to share it would be where I invite you to join. The second best place would be on live stream but depending on chat speed and the game I might miss it, and without further ado. WELCOME to my Merc page. I hope you enjoy the products here!