Mabinogi Dorcha Farming

This is quite possibly the most fun that I have had playing Mabinogi since I started playing the game almost 2 years ago. The chain slash class and skills are fun to use and are IMHO strong thanks to their powerful crowd control and "untargetability" frames. The knock-up and knock-back skills along with the distance-melee hybrid attacks will give your character a lot suitability. Everyone (new and old players) can learn how to use it and be effective at it. Lastly, it is more fun than the usual "normal attack + smash smash + block/counter"  based combos and their derivatives. The flexibility makes me think me of a simplified version of the puppetry class!

Without revealing much of the story, at the end of the skill quest line there are more skills to unlock. One of them being Spinning slash. This post is a compilation small clips of the exact moments when and how I unlocked mine. I hope this post helps you confirm where the crystals do spawn.

First Crystal Source = Farming for Abyss Coill Passes

Second Crystal Source = Ancient Search and Destroy

Third Crystal Source = Fishing Forever OR Killing Merrow

Fourth Crystal Source = Find Fleta & 50000 Gold

Fifth Crystal Source = Dungeon Dead End Hunt

Sixth Crystal Source = Polar Hornet Exterminator

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I don't remember much of my time before the Christmas of 1996 when I got the N64 -other than grabbing the chainsaw in the back of the spawn point in the first DOOM- .

I do remember that fated day I yelled out and loud "OH MY GOD IT REALLY IS 3D!!!" while playing Mario 64 for the first time. At this point my life changed completely and I became absorbed in the beautiful worlds and stories unfolding in front of my eyes.