Game Review Items V 1.0

  • Technology:
    • Controls
    • Mechanics
    • Gameplay
  • Immersion:
    • Music
    • Visuals, Art & Cinematics
    • Story & Content
  • Production:
    • Time in development
    • Reality vs Expectations
    • Cost vs Value
  • Community

Regarding game review fairness

I have grouped, the review criteria elements in 4 separate divisions:

  • Technology: How does the game utilize the technologies implemented in the game as well as the targeted console resources? Everything tech goes here, from controllers, to console/pc hardware, load times, processing power, software used for build, etc.
  • Immersion: How does the audio, visual and mechanics of the game are weaved into a complete uninterrupted and stimulating experience? Does it bring the player INTO the game or is it just an external observer?
  • Production:  This portion of the review seeks to answer several questions that may include but is not limited to:
    • How the team that made the game listened to the players and testers feedback?
    • How the game was marketed and distributed?
    • How long did the game take?
    • Did the game deliver promises and meet expectations?
  • Community: How the community of players interact with each other and how the social media and support channels for the games interact with said community.

NOTE: I will of course always strive to be impartial. If you find something is unfair or inaccurate please provide your reasons why. With that being said:

  • Reviews are ultimately a subjective process (an opinion). Your's and mine might be different and that is okay. Neither are necessarily wrong.
  • I do not claim ownership of any of the games reviewed or cinematics within each game each belong to their respective copyright owners.
  • I am not the producer or distributor of these games. For this reason, evaluation of the technology and production aspects are somewhat... skewed. And made possible from whatever information is released to the public from officials.
  • Lastly, these review "criteria elements" will get updated when required. This will not change the ranking of previous games, as each version of the review document will be listed along with the review itself.