Hook, line, and sinker

Alright! We had our first two successful streams this week. 3 words to describe it.

A-Mei-zing !!! - Mei

Technically not 3 words! But seriously I am super excited to finally be doing this ^.^ The first one was a 1-hour session that helped me realize three things:

  1. The ISP: An upgrade to my internet services was required. I was in a 15 megabit down 2 megabit up service. To understand this in regular internet speed terms divide the numbers by 8 (1 byte = 8 bits) so roughly a 2MB down and garbage for upload. I upgraded to a 100 megabit down and 10 megabit up (12.5 down/1.2 up MB).
  2. Streaming Software: We also had to let go of Xplit. First off the interface should be able to do a LOT but you cannot do any of it until you upgrade and the upgrade for a permanent license is at around 200 USD. Second it didn't really work as well as expected. In the past I had used OBS I tried it again and it has changed a lot. All I had to do was pick my sources and give them relevant names and I was able to control audio, webcam, application source, and microphone!
  3. The practice: The action of streaming is not the same as being a streamer. I took my baby steps this past week. And I have much to learn as an entertainer. 

The second was a longer almost 3-hour session that took place the next day. I realized that streaming also requires stamina.

To all streamers that have been doing this for years. My respect goes to. - Yoda

One thing is playing games for fun in the privacy of your own setup. But keeping the momentum going can be hard yet rewarding. And my viewers made it possible. Thank you SirShawn, Alzyheart and Ithi. You are my first 3 viewers thank you for your support.

I humbly thank you all for reading these words. For giving me your time and watching my channel. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time with me. Please watch me as I improve and give you a better time. Thank you all for tagging along! I feel like I waited too long. Opportunities come and go fast and you gotta make the time for the things that you love. But enough with the soapbox.

PS: In case someone wonders I did remove the old League of Legends videos as well as the PS4 "Wandering in No Man's Sky" videos they felt terribly dull and boring. I will however later replace them with a list of videos designed to play in bed hopefully soothing enough to help you fall asleep. I personally know some people that watch streamers to relax hence the why this is going to be intentional.

Overwatch – 2017 – Final Season Placement

Overwatch – The first stream !!!

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